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The openair project » Getting Started

Open Air Plume openair is available as an R package. Users are not required to have prior knowledge of R, but some knowledge will be useful. Full instructions for installing and using R and openair are provided in the openair manual - Download the Open Air manual.

R itself can easily be installed on Windows, Apple OS and linux - The R Project for Statistical Computing.

Once R is installed, and provided an internet connection is available, installing openair should be easy. Paste or type this into R:


This should install openair and several other packages that openair depends on.

Each time you wish to use openair it is necessary to load it when you start R. This can be done in Windows by choosing Load package... from the Packages menu – and choose openair.

Many users will find using an editor useful for organising projects and working with openair and R. We recommend Rstudio, which is easy to install and use -
Download R Studio.

R Studio Screenshot

R Studio screenshot